The Rilla team is guided by our Chief Technology Officer, Michael Hawes. A tech-nerd by trade, Mike began developing and coding Rilla during his freshman year of college at Western New England University, where he studied computer science and was involved in entrepreneurship clubs. 


Mike oversees all platform development, develops strategy, and evaluates metrics for Rilla. His passion for entrepreneurship is fueled by the creation of mission-driven businesses. Mike’s number one professional goal is to provide simpler, more streamlined access to opportunities for individuals around the world. For Mike, success is measured by meaningful impact, not solely by revenue statements. 


If you happen to catch Mike during one of the few moments when he is not glued to his computer screen, chances are you’ll find him hiking or biking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Mike is an outdoorsman at heart and finds joy in any time spent in the fresh air, or warm sunshine.

Chief Technology Officer



Joe Perry is our Chief Information Officer. Joe joined the team after meeting Ciarán during their time at the University of New Hampshire, where he was a finance, international business and economics student. Now at Boston University, Joe is completing his bachelor’s degree in management information systems.


As CIO, Joe enforces agile principles across the organization while being deeply involved in product ownership & customer on-boarding. Inspired by the amount of untapped potential individuals hold, Joe is thrilled to be building a platform that gives people the opportunity to build their businesses, without having to empty their pockets to do so. 


When he is not evaluating technical requirements, Joe can be found smashing fitness goals, reading, and indulging in quality films. 

Chief Information Officer



Marielle Brunelle is our Chief Communications Officer. Fueled by the powerful role communication plays in the social change process, Marielle joined the team last year to develop Rilla’s communications strategy and build its purpose–driven business model. Marielle will graduate in December of 2019 with a dual-degree in public relations and international relations from Syracuse University. 


In addition to overseeing all PR, digital marketing, branding and communications for Rilla, Marielle plays a key role in conducting market research and structuring sustainable business development. She is motivated by her passion for empowerment, social entrepreneurship, and redefining corporate responsibility. 


When she takes a break from compiling media lists and lecturing her team on UN SDGs, Marielle cooks, practices hot yoga, and plays outside. 

Chief Communications Officer




Chief Executive Officer

Ciarán Mahon serves as our Chief Executive Officer. Addicted to problem solving, Ciarán co-founded Rilla with the goal of simplifying the entrepreneurial process. Ciarán’s educational career began at the University of New Hampshire as a chemical engineering student, and he later transferred to Boston University, where he is now completing his bachelor’s degree in applied and pure mathematics with a minor in business. 


As CEO, his responsibilities include legal risk management, client relations, feedback analysis, accounting, and tracking and facilitating business and app development. Ciarán is devoted to empowering individuals, regardless of their background, to set their passions into motion through the core principles of entrepreneurship: networking, learning and doing. 


Ciarán is happiest when he is learning on his own terms, so he can often be found playing instruments, reading history, practicing math problems, and brushing up on his German language skills.

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